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Blame the girls for provoking violence in their homes. Blame the girls for displaying such behaviour that will evoke violence. Blame the girls for their actions which are the cause of domestic violence taking place in homes. Never blame the father, husband, brother or uncles who inflict harm on women. Never blame the perpetrator who causes a bruise on a woman’s face which she later has to conceal from the world. Don’t blame the perpetrator who doesn’t stop kicking and punching a woman while she cries and begs him stop. This is the mentality in our society that was present 60 years ago and disappointing to say it is still present today.

The weakest of homes are those who condone violence. Those who resort to violence as a means of exerting power and ‘placing women in their rightful position’. Domestic violence is one of the most common crimes which mostly occur against women in a matter of a few seconds. You can’t build a home upon violence and expect it to stand strong when women fear when their next attack will take place. When they will endure new scars just after the old scars have faded away. Violence can easily be dismissed and ignored by measuring the seriousness of the actual act. A slap or a kick will be categorised as minor attacks but what they are failing to realise is each act whether it is small or big is affecting women internally more so than externally. The bruises and burn marks will slowly fade away on the outside, but who is to say the damage that it has caused internally is being treated? See, the violent attack should not be measured based on how much injury it inflicts but should not be even classified as a resort by any means.

 The weakest of homes are those who condone violence. Those who believe they have the responsibility to teach women a lesson by any act whether physical or emotional harm. Those who believe that women will only ever understand once they are battered and bruised and fear for their life at the hands of family members who are meant to protect, respect guide and guard her, not harm her. If women are scared in their own homes, what does this say about women’s right to life? Right to at least feel safe and secure in their household and not fear when the night comes. What man can harm a woman in the darkness of a night leaving her to bleed as he scars her for life?

 The weakest of homes are simply those who condone violence.